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Our Client’s Adsense Income Report

adsense-report micro niche website
adsense-report microniche website

Questions and Answers

1. Do you provide domain and hosting ?
– Yes, We will buy EMD domain + hosting under your name.

2. Are those easy to rank keywords?
– Exactly YES! We re-search low competition and easy to rank keywords with high us exact searches.

3. How long takes to complete a site?
– Once we received the logins we complete within 7 days.

4. Do you complete on site seo?
– Yes, we do on page seo and little off page seo package to site get start.

5. Will you help to put Adsense codes in right please?
– Yes, we setup Adsense codes in right place

6. Any refund policy?
– You can ask refund before we start design the site.
– No refund after keyword has been taken / Deliver

7. Can i change keywords?
– Yes if keyword not match with your prefer, you can ask it to change one time.

8. What claim if i got ban from Adsense?
– We give brand new site and google wont ban, but due to fake / boot traffic can be ban, we don’t guarantee for that.

9. Will you guide us to do these earning?
– Yes , feel free to contact us via email or Skype any time.

10.Any discounts for bulk orders?
– Contact us for the discounts

What is Micro Niche Website?

Microniche a website is a super small website made a few pages. Generally speaking, between one and 10 pages. It is a niche as it focuses on a specific keyword.

There are a lot of profitable ideas out there, and in most cases a micro niche site is an exact match domain. For example, if you’re targeting the keyword “online discount watches” your domain would be discountwatchesonline.com (or .org, .net, etc.).

You would fill the site with content that is discount watches, all aimed at the main keyword, and using advertising and affiliate marketing to generate income.

Google launched exact match domain penalty some time ago, and was directed to penalize micro-niche Website with low quality content. In our case, we are not building a low quality website instead are building high quality web site profitable micro niche.

We have already done most of the task to write quality content. Now, focus on improving the SEO of your micro-niche blog.

As a small business, when you consider streamlining your services to a more specific area, it’s natural to worry about the loss of potential clients. However, the opposite is quite true.

Developing a micro niche website for your brand helps to increase your client numbers because you are targeting those who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

What is Advantages of Micro-Niches?

  • Easier Marketability: Standing out from the crowd is the key to getting attention for your brand and increasing sales. Micro niches make this possible and lead to business growth.
  • Increased Profitability: Because of the low competition, you’ll naturally experience greater profits. You have access to more clients who share your desires, passions, and interest.
  • Low Competition: Since the niche is highly specialized, there are fewer businesses to compete against.
  • Easier to Gain Traction: All small businesses need momentum to get started and continue growing. Using a micro-niche can help you gain the traction you need to make progress.
  • Gone are the days where you could do a little keyword research, buy an exact match keyword domain, and build a basic website within 10 minutes or less on WordPress. However, using the micro-niche approach to create an authoritative quality website with lots of content targeted at the right audience can be just as beneficial as the old-school microsites used to be.

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